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Notice title Date posted
A guideline for Customer Foreign Currency (CFC) bank accounts has been added to the Policies and Guidelines page.  The objective of the guideline is to provide guidance on the use of CFC bank accounts, which is a useful mechanism to manage foreign currency in and out flows at UCT. 29 Dec 2017
The Fraud & Corruption Policy, approved by Council in October 2017, has been posted in the Policies and Guidelines page.  The objective of this policy is to:
• formalise UCT’s position with regards to fraud and corruption;
• reinforce existing systems, policies and procedures aimed at deterring,preventing, detecting, reacting to and reducing the impact of fraud and corruption at the University; and
• to ensure a proper process of investigation is followed for all suspicious activities reported.
11 Oct 2017
A guide for Foreign Travel has been added to the Easy guides page. This is an easy reference guide that combines aspects of various policies/guidelines related to foreign travel. 26 July 2017