About eProcurement

Payment methods

Payment to eProcurement vendors is either via PCard or a SAP purchase order for non-PCard vendors.


Card security

eTravel - Card details are not retained in mymarket.com for travel bookings for security reasons. This means that card details must be captured for each transaction.

eShopping - Card details need to be captured for the initial PCard transaction. The card details are then managed by the secure payment gateway into the bank and the user will be offered a masked number to confirm the card details for subsequent transactions. They can also enter a new card number at that point.

For all transactions, card holders will receive an SMS from the bank after each transaction which provides additional security.

Managing your PCard credit limits

To prevent the loss of travel bookings as well as causing payment problems with eShopping PCard vendors, the PCard holder must remain aware of their available credit balance on their cards. Contact rfservicing@nedbank.co.za to check your balance.

Clearing the transaction against the fund

PCard expenses do not reflect against the fund until the transaction has been posted by the card processor. Card holders must therefore pass their supporting documents and invoices to their card processor within 7 days of transaction date or 7 days after returning from a trip. The card processor will see the transaction in SAP within 48 hours of the transaction date. This ensures timeous clearing of transactions and update of available SAP budget.


Once the purchase is approved, and based on sufficient budget being available in the fund selected, the departmental purchaser will facilitate the creation of a SAP purchase order for payment by Creditors. Budget is committed against a fund when the purchase order is created on SAP.