About eShopping

eShopping allows access to vendors with whom UCT has a contract. All vendors on mymarket.com are therefore preferred vendors.

For a complete list of UCT preferred vendors refer to the link on the right. There is a note on this list as to whether the vendor is registered on mymarket.com.

As preferred vendors, in terms of the threshold values for purchasing, no quotes for items less than R100,000 are required. This exclusion does not apply to abnormal volumes, non-standard requirements, or occasional comparison of preferred vendors. However the intention is to reduce the need for quotes, where pricing arrangements are in place with preferred vendors.

If there are issues with the mymarket.com application, or if assistance related to mymarket.com interface is required, please contact Helpdesk@mymarket.com.

Asset purchases cannot be processed via eProcurement, as the necessary Asset master data information is required before the Asset purchase order can be placed on SAP.