Purchasing card

A purchasing card is an alternative purchasing tool to a SAP purchase order. The UCT purchasing card operates like any other credit card but with additional features that limit its use according to a unique card profile. Please see Purchasing Card policy for more information. (See Links on right.)


The UCT Purchasing Card is intended to:

  • replace low-value, high-volume purchase orders that are administratively expensive (e.g. office consumables);
  • provide a convenient purchasing tool for those purchases where the normal purchase-order process is unsuitable or cumbersome, such as those normally resulting in reimbursements (e.g. internet payments, subscriptions, conference fees).

Purchasing Cards simplify commercial processes and payment systems and so offer a major opportunity to cut costs and improve efficiency.

Applying for a card

Anyone who regularly requests reimbursements should apply for a card, given the comparatively low cost of processing a card transaction compared to a reimbursement purchase order.

Contact the card administrator, Natalie Pitcher on 021 650 4462. (Email on right)

For more information please see SAP Help "Overview: The UCT Purchasing Card" (under Link on the right).