Travel services

Travel agents

UCT has five preferred travel agents. For contact details, please see the preferred vendor list. For more detailed contact details, click here.

All car hire bookings with the UCT preferred vendor should be made via these preferred travel agents.

Service fees

Consult the comparative list of all service fees from the preferred travel vendors. Preferred vendors are required to show a breakdown of all fees and extra charges on their quotes.

Using travel services

For the procedure for ordering travel services please refer to appropriate link on right. It is important for purchasers to use the list of travel materials when creating a travel order on SAP.

Automotion Airport Valet Parking Service

Procurement and Payment Services (PPS) has negotiated an agreement with Automotion Parking Services. Automotion will collect your car from you at the airport Departures Drop and Go, store it safely off site for the duration of your trip, and return your valeted car to you at the Arrivals Drop and Go on your return. View the procedure to book this service.