UCT vendors

Vendor payment

Payment cycles

  • Payment by electronic funds transfer (EFT) takes place once a week. This applies to trade vendors and UCT staff vendors listed on SAP.
  • All documentation should reach the Creditors department, by Thursday at the latest to be part of the Monday payment run. Payment will reach the payee's bank account the following Thursday.

Note: Contact your faculty finance office for information on which general ledger account on SAP to use.

Payment terms

  • The standard term of payment for UCT is 30 days from date of invoice for trade vendors.

Payment queries

Trade vendor Reconciliations & Queries

Payments to trade vendors are managed alphabetically according to vendor name.


Nicky Oerson
Tel: 021 650 4360


Lindy Gomba
Tel: 021 650 2237


Wendy Ntoyanto
Tel: 021 650 4753


Nicky Oerson
Tel: 021 650 4360


Wendy Ntoyanto
Tel: 021 650 4753


Lindy Gomba
Tel: 021 650 2237

Travel & car hire

Charmaine Buys
Tel: 021 650 3957

Other payment queries

Contact the relevant Creditors clerk for queries on the following:

Payments & Cheque maintenance

Melanie Karstens
Tel: 021 650 2236

Cheque distribution

Neville Louw
Tel: 021 650 3216

Reimbursements, S&T, mileage claims, advances

Meagan Adams
Tel: 021 650 2235

Direct matching Trade vendors

Ruben & Blessing
Tel: 021 650 2238 and 2234

Trade Creditors supervisor

Geralinde Arendze
Tel: 021 650 4747

Accounts payable manager

Yolisa Molefe
Tel: 021 650 2232