UCT logo applications

There are two primary applications of the UCT logo. For the purpose of this document, these are referred to as the "Circular Logo" and the "Horizontal Logo". The logo is a complete unit, comprising the visual and textual elements. These cannot and should not be separated or used in isolation from each other. Whenever our logo appears, it must appear in full. In both logo applications, there are very clear guidelines that govern the use of these logos, the most important of which are outlined below.

Primary application

The logo comprises two colours (see corporate colours section). Ideally, the logo is most effective when used in these two colours against a white background.

Circular logos on white background
Horizontal logos on white background

Other logo usages such as the crest or "University of Cape Town" on its own, or a simplified version of the crest are possible. For approval and advice in this regard please contact Azraa Dawood (021 650 3748). This permission will not be unreasonably withheld.

Secondary application

In certain instances, e.g. black and white documents, the logo will need to be used in black and white (or greyscale). When used against a white background, the logo is applied in black with the corporate blue in the crest changing to 40% black. The font is used in black.

Logos on white background

When the logo is used against a black background, the visual icon (crest) is surrounded by a white border or keyline to clearly differentiate it from the background and the font is reversed out in white.

Logos on black background

Further secondary applications

When our logo is placed against various coloured backgrounds, the font will need to be adjusted depending on the colour - whereas the crest remains unchanged. In most cases the font will stay blue on a light background or reversed out in white on a darker background. The only exception to this rule is when the background colour has the same tonal values as the blue, making the font unreadable. An example of this is shown at the bottom, where the font on the light grey (silver) background is changed to black.

Circular logo on coloured backgrounds

Horizontal logo on coloured backgrounds

Other important points regarding the UCT logo use

Minimum size - It is imperative that the logo be visible on every item of communication. In order to ensure legibility, the UCT logo may not be used smaller than 30 mm in diameter (for circular logo) or 60 mm (for horizontal logo) in width. The logo may not be stretched or distorted in any way.

Combination with other logos - The UCT logo and colours are the primary identifiers for all areas of the university. The use of logos developed independently is prohibited and it is strongly recommended that faculty logos be used in conjunction with the university logo.

Guest logos - If a guest or affiliate logo is used, the UCT logo should always appear first, while the guest logo may be inserted to the right or underneath the UCT logo. Always ensure that adequate space is maintained between logos.

Size of logos