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Services & counselling

HIV testing and treatment are offered by the Student Wellness Service.

Treatment if you are living with HIV or AIDS

Student Wellness Service provides the following free services to students living with HIV:

  • clinical examinations
  • blood tests (CD4)
  • treatment of opportunistic infections
  • advice on drug management and nutritional requirements
  • appropriate support and care

Students who are considered by a health care practitioner to be at a clinical stage where they could benefit from AntiRetroVirals (ARVs) will be referred to the closest clinic to UCT, where they will be able to get ARV treatment.

Student Wellness will offer ongoing clinical support.


The responsibility for condom distribution presently rests with Student Wellness, within the Department of Student Affairs.

Condom-vending machines are located in female and male toilets on campus and in residences.

Counselling and support

For counselling and support, contact the UCT Student Counselling Service (Psychological Services).

Wellness Service
28 Rhodes Avenue

Tel: 021 650 1017

The office is open from Monday to Friday, 08h30 to 16h30.

Rape/Sexual Assault

The recommended procedure is to contact Rashieda Khan on 021 650 3530 or 072 393 7824 (all hours), who will then contact Campus Protection Services (CPS) on 021 650 2222. (Rashieda Khan or CPS can be contacted 24 hours a day.)

Either the CPS officer or a friend, guardian or residence warden should escort the student to Groote Schuur Hospital Casualty Department, where there is a Rape Centre (Ward C15) (tel: 021 404 3031).

Please visit the Sexual Assault Response Team website for more information on the steps to take in case of rape or sexual assault.

For legal advice and counselling:

Francois Botha
Discrimination and Harassment Office (DISCHO) (see link on the left)
The Cottage
Lover's Walk
(between Baxter Theatre Centre and Bremner Building)

You can also contact DISCHO for any sexual violation-related incidences for advice and assistance. Your matter will be dealt with confidentially.

Tel: 021 650 3530

Email: Francois Botha

Ongoing counselling

UCT Student Counselling Service (Psychological Services)
Wellness Service
28 Rhodes Avenue

Tel: 021 650 1017

The service is open Monday to Friday from 08h30 to 16h30.

For additional support, call Rape Crisis:

Observatory: 021 447 9762
Khayelitsha: 021 361 9085
Heideveld: 021 633 9229 (24 hours)

For legal aid if a student cannot afford an attorney:

Legal Aid Clinic
Kramer Law School Building
Middle Campus, UCT
Tel: 021 650 3551